The Patience of the Lord and the Promises of God

God’s patience is his sovereign freedom to demonstrate the fullness of his character.


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Why Do We Celebrate Christmas?

The Reformed Alliance

“The Infinite has become the infant.”

— Charles Spurgeon

In modern America, Christmas is a time in which millions of people across the country spend time with family, exchanging gifts and seeing what “Santa Claus” put under the Christmas tree; a lot of the time it means nothing more to them than that. To Christians, there is a much deeper and beautiful meaning. For us, Christmas is an amazing holiday in which we get to spend time with family, friends and other believers celebrating the birth of our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.

What is Christmas all about? I like how Paul Washer puts it: he says that Christmas is really about “God’s anger.” I get how that might seem odd or out of place, but bear with me for just a moment and allow me to explain. God absolutely despises sin, he abhors it and sinners. Psalm 11:5 (ESV)…

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