Jesus Never Said Anything About Homosexuality, Right?

The problem is that we were all born this way. The good news is: you can be born again (John 3).


The (Supposed) Silence of the Lamb

Recently while scanning through the radio, I tuned in about halfway through a sermon by (to me) an unknown pastor on the radio. And during his sermon he said this; before this statement, however, he did mention texts that do speak of homosexuality as sin such as 1 Timothy 1 and 1 Corinthians 6, so he didn’t scoot away from the Bible’s clarity on this issue, but, he then said this, “Jesus never said anything about homosexuality; but he also didn’t say anything about child abuse either…”

And then after that he named a few more things until I turned it off and gave a frustrated “pfft” as I shook my head in disbelief.

But, did Jesus say anything, anything at all, against and/about homosexuality? Continue reading “Jesus Never Said Anything About Homosexuality, Right?”

Called to the Contrary

Christian, may we all seek to think, act, and lay our confidence in the ways the Lord has revealed himself for us and that we might live our calling to the contrary.

A sermon preached on 01-03-18

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1 Peter 3:8-12.

Called to the Contrary

On Palm Sunday of 2017, Christians in Egypt were attacked during their church service by two bombings and another separate attack on a bus full of men, women, and children. 

After a bombing upon a specific group of people, what do you expect to happen?  Retaliation.  Sending an assault team to wipe ISIS out.  Bombing a mosque service. Continue reading “Called to the Contrary”

1 Samuel 3: The Word of the Lord

We are to be like delivery men — not tampering with the message on the card, only delivering it.

Command, Call, and Response

God’s Word calls for a response — simple as that.  The Word of the Lord is never a suggestion, something that God would prefer we do and take heed of, and it is certainly not just ‘another way’ in the world.  As the only true revelation of the true God, the Scriptures are a command.   They call us to do something. And, commands demand a response, whether positive or negative.  God calls and commands out to every man to repent and to trust in Christ (Acts 17:30).  Our God does not merely suggest we turn from our sins and trust in the Savior (Isaiah 45:21-22), he commands it.  So, how will we respond?  Will we reject, or repent?  Or for those who already love and trust Christ, will we remain obedient, or rebel?  Will we shy away from certain texts and uncomfortable verses in the bible, or will we preach them and communicate them regardless of the response that comes from them?

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Suffering and the Son

The suffering of Jesus in the gospel was designed to save us from eternal suffering.

A sermon preached on 11-30-17

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Read 1 Peter 2:18-25.

 The Purpose of Suffering: God’s Glory

What is God’s purpose in suffering?  What does it do?  This is one of those questions that we may be able to grasp the answer for and intellectually understand it, but to actually see it or live it, is another thing.  In 2015, ISIS members were heavily attacking and threatening Christians spread all throughout the Middle East.

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1 Samuel 2, Pt. 2: The Mediator

The heart and mind of God is fully demonstrated in the person of Jesus

Desires of the Lord

The most beautiful and theological phrase that can be used to describe God’s purposes, intentions, and desires in all of the Scriptures (in my opinion) is found in 1 Samuel 2.  Here, God’s word gives us the phrase!  It isn’t from a song or from a Charles Spurgeon quote, it is from the very word of God — from the words of God.  In 1 Samuel 2:35, the Lord says this, “And I will raise up for myself a faithful priest, who shall do according to what is in my heart and in my mind.Continue reading “1 Samuel 2, Pt. 2: The Mediator”

Basic Apologetics: Jesus is God

And this same Jesus, offered up himself so that we, like the disciple Thomas, might behold him and say, “My Lord and my God!”

The Squishy, Babysitter Jesus

How many times in school were you told to treat others the way you want to be treated?  We even called it the Golden Rule!  This is by far one of the most popular sayings of Jesus in the popular culture, even in the realm of relative truth and morality (which is self defeating).  Everyone loves the Jesus that is king, polite, loves others, and doesn’t really challenge anybody’s belief’s or opinions but only loves people and seeks to be generous.  But, this is not all of Jesus — this is only a glimpse, a rip-off version of Jesus that he did come to be presented as, merely.  The type of Jesus in the culture is one of a squishy kind.  He does not challenge, he does not condemn, and he only is loving.  But, in the gospels we see that this is not the full picture of the Son of God, there is so much more to be examined, offended and convicted by, and to see as more than just a type of babysitter who can do no wrong and is here to aid us in living properly. Continue reading “Basic Apologetics: Jesus is God”

Living as Sojourners

We exist as God’s people, as sojourners on the earth.

A sermon preached on 1 Peter 2:11-17

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Declared and Becoming

Most of our lives are learning how to become and live, with what we already are in our identity.  Take these simple examples:

  • At the age of 18, a boy is now legally identified as a man. And then for the next few decades, this now identified, man, is learning how to live, act, and talk like a man.
  • When you say, ‘I do’ to your spouse, you are legally declared married. And for the next few decades, you also, are learning how to live like a married couple, act within a covenant, and understand what is the life of a married person.

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