War and Peace

The Christian is both at peace and at war; peacefully living, warfully walking.


Our Attempts to Bring Peace

Woodstock was originally to establish ‘3 days of Peace’ as depicted on the famous poster of the event.  Over 500,000 – yes, 500,000 – people came to see Hendrix, Joplin, and others come to bring peace to the world through music.  However, during this time of ‘peace’ there was immense chaos surrounding the event.  Drugs were everywhere, three people were killed, and women even went in to labor – all of this going on during these ‘days of peace.’  In an attempt to bring peace and comfort to the world, immense war and chaos was caused as a result of it.

The Life of Peace Is War

Christian, do you seek peace with God today?  Make war with your sin.  You are at peace with God through the death of Jesus.  The good news of our sanctification is that as we walk with God we do not please the desires of the flesh – why?  These two are at war within you.

Are you at peace with your sin?  Making peace takes time, making war takes effort.  In the gospel, we are at peace with God because he has stooped down to this war of the world, he has invaded enemy territory to make peace with us.  Friends, the Prince of Peace has given you his peace to be with you – to make war with your sin daily.

Peace with God, War with Sin

In Christ, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ (Romans 5:1).  During his lifetime, he was at peace with God fully and completely – more than any other man to ever walk the planet – he was one with the Father.  Jesus came to settle the war and strife we have with God.  He righteously opposes sinners as his enemies, yet he ferociously pursued them to make them friends.  Jesus became scorned for us, he was beaten, bloodied, betrayed, and murdered naked on a tree for us to shame and mock as he hung between the war of God and man to reconcile enemies as friends.

You are in perfect standing and at peace with God by resting in his mighty grace, and at the same time making war with your sin.  Rest assured today as you enjoy the beauty of obedience, the war within you with your sin is God’s kindness to assure your soul of its current desires and former passions.  Soon we shall reach our eternal rest – but for now, we make war with sin by your peace with God.



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