Stop, and Consider

Let us look to the Scriptures, and consider.


God’s Traveling Preachers

One of my favorite texts that I have penned to my heart is Psalm 19.  Many of us are familiar with the opening words of David, “The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork.”  Among the many uses of the Hebrew word translated here as ‘proclaim’, it can be found in Job 1:15, 16, 17, and 19 as “to tell.”

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The Biblical Cure for the Troubled Heart

 It is never the amount or exercising of our faith, but the object of our faith. 

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Read John 14:1-14.

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Take the truth of what is better

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The Empty Deceit of Sin

Believer, the delicacies of sin are widely displayed and lifted up for all to indulge upon.  From movies to Netflix Originals to commercials to Facebook posts, everywhere we look there are vices set like bear traps — covered up and entrapping in their grip.  Like in the life of Samson, sin comes at us like a lion ‘roaring’ (v.5) that we can tear as easy as ‘one tears a young goat’ (Judges 14:6).  Then, we pass by the ‘carcass of the lion’ again to see that honey has developed (14:9) and we stop to taste the sweetness of decay, death, and the sinfulness of sin.

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Subduing and Subdued

This is fight of the Christian life: subduing what once subdued us

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Dominion Enjoyed

The triune God rules supremely and perfectly as the happy God (cf. 1 Timothy 1:11).  During his creation, everything that exists was created by him and exists by and for his will (Revelation 4:11).  And all of creation was created and declared good by him (Genesis 1:31; 1 Timothy 4:4).

By his sovereign decree, the creation exists to serve one purpose: God.  Psalm 119:91 says in reference to the sun and the earth, “By your appointment they stand this day, for all things are your servants.”  Created things exist to serve God, and if God’s chief end is, as John Piper says, to glorify God and to enjoy himself forever (cf. Isaiah 48:9-11) then all created things exist for God.

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God Forgives So You Will Fear Him

Reconciliation required propitiation.

The Offense of the Cross

One of Billy Graham’s most well-recognized sermons was in 1958 called The Offense of the Cross.  In it, he explains that the cross of Jesus Christ is offensive because of the need for it declares our standing before God.  The cross shouts like the voice of roaring waters to a deaf world, “you have sinned against the Most High God of the universe and you face his infinite judgement and deserve his fierce wrath.”

John 12:31, “Now is the judgement of the world,” and that is the first message that the cross shows us: we are in grave danger as we stand as enemies of the cross and of God (cf. Romans 5:10, 8:7-8; Ephesians 2:1-3; Colossians 1:21).

But something profound about the cross of Jesus Christ and the masterful plan of God the Father is this: the forgiving of sinners causes fear of God.

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Jesus Never Said Anything About Homosexuality, Right?

The problem is that we were all born this way. The good news is: you can be born again (John 3).

The (Supposed) Silence of the Lamb

Recently while scanning through the radio, I tuned in about halfway through a sermon by (to me) an unknown pastor on the radio. And during his sermon he said this; before this statement, however, he did mention texts that do speak of homosexuality as sin such as 1 Timothy 1 and 1 Corinthians 6, so he didn’t scoot away from the Bible’s clarity on this issue, but, he then said this, “Jesus never said anything about homosexuality; but he also didn’t say anything about child abuse either…”

And then after that he named a few more things until I turned it off and gave a frustrated “pfft” as I shook my head in disbelief.

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