Jesus Never Said Anything About Homosexuality, Right?

The problem is that we were all born this way. The good news is: you can be born again (John 3).


The (Supposed) Silence of the Lamb

Recently while scanning through the radio, I tuned in about halfway through a sermon by (to me) an unknown pastor on the radio. And during his sermon he said this; before this statement, however, he did mention texts that do speak of homosexuality as sin such as 1 Timothy 1 and 1 Corinthians 6, so he didn’t scoot away from the Bible’s clarity on this issue, but, he then said this, “Jesus never said anything about homosexuality; but he also didn’t say anything about child abuse either…”

And then after that he named a few more things until I turned it off and gave a frustrated “pfft” as I shook my head in disbelief.

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Weinstein, David, and the Gospel

Though he did not commit any sins, he was sent away with a death warrant for ours; Jesus bore our punishment for us.

Private Sins, Public Shame

The producer of Gangs of New York, Harvey Weinstein, is making newspaper and media headlines.  But sadly, not for another movie, but for multiple allegations and women coming forward to reveal that they have been sexually assaulted, groped, and raped by the director.  According to these women, they have been asked, forced, and paid to make sexual advances or to be alone with him in hotel rooms; they have been tricked into one-on-one meetings in offices or in buildings.  And in all of these horrendous and wicked acts of sexual sin, Weinstein remained in power over their word and fame as actresses.  These secret sins in the hidden areas of offices, closed doors, and hotel rooms have not been exposed for what they are: disturbing acts carried out by a human being with a heart of stone, full of sexual immorality, lust, falsehood, pride, and in the place of power to abuse and shame the opposite sex in the process.

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