Pastor, Point Like John the Baptist

John the Baptist was a pointer; he was sent by God to send sinners to God.


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The Pointer, Not the Point

What is the function of a signpost?  They are designed not to be the point, but to point to the point.  They declare to you the purpose, the objective of why they exist; it is literally written on them why they are planted on the side of the road.  Now some of us have pictures with signposts, or have even seen some that we smiled at or liked — but we don’t go to the Grand Canyon to merely take a picture with the sign and then turn around.

The best pointer ever born of man was John the Baptist (Matthew 11:11).  He was a perfect example of what the pastor is called to be: the pointer, not the point.  John was a ‘messenger’ who was sent to ‘prepare the way before [the Lord]’ (Malachi 3:1).  He ‘came preaching’ (Matthew 3:1) in order ‘to make ready for the Lord a people prepared’ (Luke 1:17).  John the Baptist was a pointer; he was sent by God to send sinners to God.  John was the server, not the Savior; he is the messenger, but the Message.

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The Purposes of Man and the Purposes of God

Though even in all of this evil, attack, and hatred that Jesus endured it was all mysteriously woven into the plan of God in such a way that this is how we came to believe in his name.

A sermon preached on 1 Peter 2:7-8

The New Testament presents the good news of Jesus Christ and what God has done in the world. But it is peculiar, it is mysterious, and it seems upside-down to our thinking.

Jesus comes not in power, not in wealth, and not to conquer, but in humility, poverty, and to serve and suffer unto death on a cross.  This is our Savior?  A man sentenced to a criminal’s death?

  • Yet, this is the greatness of our God.
    • Men rejected him, they sought to entrap him; he would be betrayed, beaten, and falsely accused.
    • All the forces of evil, from the wickedness of men to the Devil himself, all were recorded as being against him.

And in all this, these do not thwart the will of God but they play into it and fulfill all that he had planned and purposed for them to do.

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