Darwin, Adaptation, and the Gospel

But what hasn’t adapted or changed in humanity is the problem – the heart of our problem is the problem of our heart.  


On September 15, 1835 Charles Darwin sailed in the Beagle to the Galapagos Islands in the Pacific Ocean.  During this landing, he would discover what is commonly called now, “Darwin’s Finches.”

“He collected several finch species, including the warbler finch, sharp-beaked finch, ground finch, small tree finch, large tree finch, common cactus finch and large ground finch… variation [in beak shape/sizes in particular] helped Darwin arrive at his understanding that the finches…adapted to the islands and specific environments where they live, leading to the theory that species are not fixed and unchanging; instead, they evolve over time from common ancestors” (www.livescience.com).

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