Salvation is of God

Jesus Christ is the hero – not our strong wills or good thinking.


A sermon preached on Matthew 19:16-26

Prerequisites to Enter Heaven

A huge survey done in 2016 by LifeWay and Ligonier Ministries gives these results about theology in America:

  • 64% of Americans believe that God accepts the worship of all religions, 12% unsure.
  • 60% say that everyone eventually goes to heaven.
  • An amazing 74% of Americans believe that the smallest sins do not deserve hell.
  • Most Americans (77%) believe that people contribute to their salvation.
  • Over half of Americans at 52% believe that good deeds help them earn in a spot in heaven.
  • And, 60% agree that Jesus’ death on the cross is the only sacrifice that could remove penalty of their sin.

In verses 16 and 17 we see this conversation about how to get to heaven that Jesus discusses with the rich young ruler.  He approaches Jesus and asks him what he has to do in order to have eternal life.

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