What is Union with Christ?

You are knit together with Christ.


The Heart of the Christian Life

Scottish theologian Sinclair Ferguson once wrote that, “[union with Christ is] a doctrine which lies at the heart of the Christian life.” If there was ever a doctrine taught so profoundly in the Scriptures that believers must better see and adore, it is their union with Christ.

And yet, I find that we need a helpful understanding and a clear picture of this profound mystery that is the core of the gospel of God.  First, I want us to pick up on the language of what it means to be united to Christ in the New Testament, and then I want to take you to a beautiful picture of what this looks like in the Old Testament. Continue reading “What is Union with Christ?”

Big Reflections on Small Phrases: Recovering Meditation

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Thank You, Puritans

Not many people read the Puritans, though I am immensely thankful for the seemingly recent revival of great books (thank you Banner of Truth and Monergism.com) by who I call the “old dead guys.”  There is tons of truth, deep theology, and soaring treatises on the holiness of God, communion with God, the mortification of sin, the doctrine of repentance, etc.  And in all of these writings by the Puritans and men similar to them, I have noticed one very common thread: big reflections on small phrases.  Continue reading “Big Reflections on Small Phrases: Recovering Meditation”